St. Cyril : Capital Campaign

Capital Campaign

St. Cyril’s Campaign for Progress—the first capital campaign to refurbish and upgrade our parish buildings and programs in 10 years—is underway.


We hope you will give prayerful consideration to participating in this project that is so important to the future of our parish.  Here are the particulars:

Name of campaign:

St. Cyril of Alexandria Campaign for Progress

Launch dates:

Leadership briefed November and December, 2010
Public launch, January 9, 2011

Why this campaign is needed:

Normal parishioner contributions—offertory envelopes, for example—go toward day-to-day operations of our parish campus, such as utilities, salaries, routine maintenance, and insurance.  But every so many years, just as at your own residence, major repairs, upgrades, or replacements are necessary.  To cover those larger expenses, we need to raise money through a capital campaign.

What St. Cyril's needs:

  • A new boiler to heat the church. The current boiler is the original one put in when the church was built 55 years ago.  It is limping along now from repair to repair. A new tandem boiler system will be more efficient and reliable for many years to come.

  • Protective coverings on our beautiful stained glass windows.  The generosity of our parishioners in our capital campaign 10 years ago allowed us to repair all the windows.  Now we want to protect them from storm damage and vandalism.  The Diocesan insurance company recommends such action and, independent of insurance concerns, we believe it prudent to preserve their artistry.  Plexiglas will cover the outside of every window.

  • The cleaning of the interior walls of the church.  You probably have noticed the soot and grime climbing the walls from the heat vents to the rafters.  These walls require a professional, industrial cleaning.

  • A technology package including:

  • A parish Web site to provide important information to parishioners and others who are interested in our parish:  liturgy times, activities, organization news, rehearsals,  contribution or purchasing instruction, school lunch menus and much more. Many other parishes already have this tool and use it to appeal to all ages, but especially young members and their children.

  • New computer wiring for the Rectory and new hardware and software.

  • A security system for the campus, monitored by a computer.

  • Access for all to the church and Axmacher Hall.  Currently, the only way to get to many parish functions is down a steep and, for some, dangerous staircase into Axmacher Hall.  This makes it impossible for many of our elderly or disabled parishioners to participate.  Even for the young, carrying items up and down those steps can be treacherous.  St. Cyril’s mission statement on the front of the bulletin says our parish family welcomes all.  Now we need to make that welcome a reality by installing an elevator or lift to Axmacher and making the restrooms and church doors wheelchair accessible.

What those projects cost:

The cost is our goal for the campaign—$500,000.

How you can help:

Pledge whatever you can give to our campaign, paying it over a three- or four-year period.

Why it's important for you to pledge soon:

Because we won’t begin a project until the money to cover it is in hand, some of the very important needs of the parish will be held up until we reach our goal of $500,000.  We’ve had a very strong start, but still have approximately $150,000 to raise.

We hope you will join the other generous members of our parish to lead us to success in this campaign and the vibrant future of our parish that it embodies.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call any of us.


Yours in Christ,

Reverend Larry Bruney


Dick Freyvogel, 412-391-0603
Maddy Ross, 412-298-4972
Campaign for Progress Steering Committee