St. Cyril : St. Cyril of Alexandria's St. Vincent de Paul Society

St. Cyril of Alexandria's St. Vincent de Paul Society

St. Cyril’s conference of the St. Vincent de Paul Society is a group of parishioners who evaluate the temporal needs of individuals or families, and facilitate the distribution of financial aid services to them. The Society also provides a list of additional resources for assistance beyond what it is able to do itself.
Individuals and families seeking assistance contact the Rectory or the St. Vincent de Paul Administrative Office, and when appropriate, are referred to St. Cyril’s conference.  From one-time assistance on utility bills to the provision of clothing or groceries, parishioners and community members are offered the care they need.

The Society is funded through the donation boxes located in the Church, special offertory envelopes on the fifth Sundays, and funds raised through the vigil candles.


Inspired by Gospel values, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, a Catholic lay organization, leads women and men to join together to grow spiritually by offering person-to-person service to those who are needy and suffering, in the tradition of its patron, St. Vincent de Paul.

Volunteer Time Commitment and Duties

Time commitment varies based on the needs presented to the Society. Home visits are required to determine the nature of the need, and the best fit of services and assistance.  Members report annually to the Pastor, and meet as a group when needed.


The society welcomes parishioners who would like to offer their time in this ministry.  Those who receive assistance from the Society are kept in confidence.

Of Note

The Society works closely with the Parish’s Food Bank, both in acquiring donations, as well as referring those in need.

In addition to the works of the Parish conference, the greater St. Vincent de Paul Society has clothing boxes located on the Parish property.  Larger items are also welcomed, and home pick-up can be arranged through the St. Vincent de Paul Administrative Office, 412-321-1071. Click here to view their website and get more information.


If you would like to volunteer with, or need assistance from the Society, please contact the Rectory at 412-761-1552.

Click here to share your idea with the St. Vincent de Paul Society.