St. Cyril : St. Cyril of Alexandria Lectors Ministry

St. Cyril of Alexandria Lectors Ministry

Individuals serving the parish as lectors participate in the Mass by delivering the readings from the Old or New Testament, as well as the Prayers of the Faithful and any post-Mass announcements.


To prayerfully deliver the Word of God to the parish during the Liturgy of the Word.


Volunteer Time Commitment and Duties

Parishioners new to the ministry of lectoring go through individual training with the chairperson of the organization.  This training takes place before or after Mass, and the new lector practices going through the Liturgy of the Word.  Lectors are scheduled to serve at the Mass time of his or her choice or by random assignment, on a monthly basis.  When scheduled, lectors are expected to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of Mass to review readings and practice pronunciation.  Meetings are scheduled as needed to inform lectors of procedural changes.


Seventh graders through adults serve the Church in this ministry.  No prior lector experience is required, but a clear speaking voice is necessary.  Volunteers are approved by the Pastor, and then placed on the lector roster.  All volunteers over age 18 must register with the Diocesan Safe Environment Database for the protection of children and young people and complete all clearance requirements. 


If you have questions about the Lector Ministry, please contact the Rectory at 412-761-1552.

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