St. Cyril : St. Cyril of Alexandria Food Bank

St. Cyril of Alexandria Food Bank

The St. Cyril’s Food Bank is run monthly out of the Parish garage and is opened to participants each Monday after the second Sunday of the month at 3 p.m.  Each family receives a bag of paper products and a certain amount of food products.  People in need of these services contact the Rectory, or may be referred by the St. Vincent de Paul organization.  Funding is provided by private donations, financial support from the Parish St. Vincent de Paul organization, corporate donations, and occasionally special collections at Mass.


To provide parishioners and community members in need with food and related products.

Volunteer Time Commitment and Duties

Prior to the opening of the food bank, volunteers set up the food donations in a store-like format.  Once clients arrive, volunteers assist them in organizing and selecting foods.  Volunteers are also responsible for deliveries to the homebound. Throughout the month, volunteers assist in the acquisition of donations, and the purchase of food.  


Parishioner volunteers run the St. Cyril’s Food Bank.  Client identity is confidential. 

Of Note

The St. Cyril’s Food Bank works in conjunction with other parishes in the area to make sure all those in need of food bank services are able to have their needs met by one of the organizations in their community.

Those interested in supporting the food bank with monetary donations or food products are welcome to do so.  Items always needed by the food bank include:

• Paper products (paper towels, napkins, toilet paper, and tissues)
• Cereal
• Noodles
• Rice
• Tuna


To volunteer, donate, or to receive assistance from the food bank, contact the Rectory 412-761-1552.

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