St. Cyril : St. Cyril of Alexandria Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist

St. Cyril of Alexandria Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist are laypersons who assist the priest in distributing the host and cup during the Mass.  In addition to serving during Mass, Eucharistic Ministers also take Communion to those who are homebound, or otherwise unable to attend Mass.



To respectfully assist the priest in presenting the Sacred Body and Blood of Christ to individuals receiving the Eucharist.

Volunteer Time Commitment and Duties

Following an initial individual training session lasting less than one hour (usually following the 4:30 Mass on Saturday evening), Extraordinary Ministers are scheduled to serve at the Mass time of his or her choice, about twice per month.  Additional time may be expected if home visits for giving Communion are requested.  Meetings are scheduled at the discretion of Father Larry Bruney, as needed, to review or introduce procedures.  


Parishioners are invited to serve in this ministry by Father Bruney.  Volunteers are also welcome to submit their names to Father Bruney for consideration.  All volunteers over age 18 must register with the Diocesan Safe Environment Database for the protection of children and young people and complete all clearance requirements. 


If you are interested in serving the parish as an Extraordinary Minister, please contact the Rectory at 412-761-1552.

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